The process

Your first step in improving your life

Starting the program with My Best Score is easy, no complicated explanations or long paperwork.

Once you decide to start the process you will receive a contract that states the step by step process that the company will take to improve your credit as well what is expected of you as a customer some of that will include:

-You will receive reports from the credit bureaus every 40 to 45 days. Please forward those original reports to My Best Score via mail.

  • - Don't apply for credit while your dispute is pending. Too many inquiries can lower your score as can opening any new accounts.
  • - Don't respond in writing or talk to creditors or the credit bureaus. Should they call simply take messages that include name, phone number, and reason for their call.
  • - Don't close any credit card or charge accounts.
  • - Don't apply for credit while this process is taking place.
  • - Don't open any new accounts or making purchases on credit during this process.
  • - DO make all payments on existing debts on time if at all possible.
  • - DO pay down credit card balances to below 50 % of the limit, if possible.
  • - DO notify us of a change of address.
  • - DO open EVERY envelope that you get in your mailbox to ensure nothing is missed.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.