Fixing my credit story

My story starts like everyone else, young and reckless with my money. At that time I had a good paying job, after buying my first car from a dealership it didn't take long for credit companies to start sended me pre approvals on their cards.

My first mistake was trusting my job. I thought with my good base salary I could never skip a payment, that was true 5 credit cards later and a wapping ($175.00) monthly minimum payment on all of them. I thought to myself my credit will be in the 800’s in no time.

Well life hit me with a curveball, the company decided they no longer needed our sector and closed the office they had in the area. I tried to get transferred to another office within the company but they were cutting staff as well.

Using all five credit cards as an income to cover my monthly expenses till I got another job (big mistake) I kept digging myself a never ending debt hole until it caught up to me. My new job wasn’t paying as much, it was barely covering my monthly expenses. All that credit card debt caught up with me. My minimum monthly payment for all five cards became ($225.00).

my credit score begins to drop faster by the passing of every month. Not knowing what to do and looking online for solutions I stumbled on I didn’t want to believe that my credit score would improve without paying my debt back. Every credit improving article I read online stated either I pay in full, settle for less or file for bankruptcy.

This fourth option sounded so good. All I had to do was pay a one time fee, and see my credit improve within 6 months.

David explained everything to me over the phone, how he’s been using the credit bureaus system to dispute all the collections on my credit report. He told me to open every piece of mail and send him a copy of it.

Within the first 45 days my mailbox was receiving letters from my creditors disputing my dispute. I kept copies and sent David a copy of everything via Email.

6 months later my credit was at 685 from 505, I was able to open a credit card that helped me improve my credit. Three months after that I was at a 755 credit score.

Thank you David Wood for helping me out and thanks to all My Best Score family that answered all my questions and were so patient with me throughout the process.

Now I can start a new chapter in my life, learning from my mistakes knowing that I was granted a second chance.