How We Improve Your Credit Score

DJ Wood Enterprises puts to use the “Fair Credit Reporting Act” to legally remove negative items from your credit report. To summarize that Act: “anything on your report that is incomplete, inaccurate, or unverifiable MUST BE REMOVED.”

Improve your credit scoreWhat does that mean?

Every “i” has to be dotted and every “t” has to be crossed. If this has not been done properly, the entire account must to be removed permanently!

Obviously every negative item that is removed RAISES your score. In the game of credit, your goal is to have the highest score possible. DJ Wood Enterprises is on YOUR side and wants to help you achieve YOUR goal!

Basics of how we improve your credit score

Using the laws that govern the credit bureaus (Fair Credit Reporting Act) I can get the negative items removed from your report. What the law states is anything on your report that is incomplete, inaccurate or unverifiable MUST be removed. Anything that is removed for one of those reasons gets deemed as a bad debt. Once it is deemed as a bad debt it can never be put back on your report and the money becomes uncollectible.

Using the laws obviously we have to abide by them. When your paperwork is submitted we HAVE TO give the creditors 30 days to come up with whatever we are telling them to come up with. That 30 days plus the mailing and processing time it does take about 40-45 days to get the results back EACH time your paperwork is submitted.

Time frame- My average client will come to me with 15-20 negative items and an average score in the mid to low 500′s. When I am done with your reports your scores will be in the mid to high 600′s.

Success rate

My success rate with removing negative items is about 95-96%. As long as you do the things that I am going to ask you to do, (see welcome letter), this will work for you just like it has worked for all of my clients.

What can be removed

We can improve your credit score by removing everything from simple late payments to bankruptcy’s and tax liens, Foreclosures, repossessions, collections etc. can all be removed using these laws.

See how we’ve improved the credit scores of our clients with these pdfs of actual client’s letters from credit bureaus showing negative credit items removed.